April 17, 2023
Aesthetic Medicine
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Filip Skrzypiec Interview

1. When did you start your business with Juvelook and Lenisna? What was the reason you chose Juvelook and Lenisna?

I started working on introducing Lenisna and Juvelook products in January 2021. For three months I collated from a scientific study that proved the safety and effectiveness of polylactic acid therapy in a new version. At, which I am the owner of, I deal primarily with the search for unique products. Imagine a perfectly safe product with a long-lasting effect, which stands at the top of all collagen stimulators.

Lenisna and Juvelook will significantly change the aesthetic medicine market throughout world. Efficiency, safety and a very wide registration of products, give unique opportunities for their use in various therapeutic areas. The official launch of the products on the Polish market took place in June 2021.

2. Among competitors, what is the advantage of Juvelook and Lenisna to Polish customers?

No lumps, no massaging - these words best reflect the advantage and competition. The patented manufacturing technology of Lenisna and Juvelook products, referring to the spherical, reticular structure, translated into safety while maintaining effectiveness. Today, these products are absolutely at the top of the pyramid of all collagen stimulators on the world market.

3. What kind of marketing activities are you doing for the branding of Juvelook and Lenisna?

a. Promotion by medical representatives
b. Webinars
c. Lectures and workshops during conferences
d. Masterclass product training
e. Promotion via online - social media

4. What is the feedback of Juvelook and Lenisna from doctors?

Doctors' opinion about the products is extremely positive. In particular, Juvelook received a lot of feedback that it is a truly innovative skin booster in the market. You can feel that the quality of your skin has improved to the next level. Another feedback is about “Safety”. Since June 2021, nearly 10,000 procedures have been performed, of which we have recorded, only around 10 cases of incidents in the form of papules or swelling.

5. How do you see the future of Juvelook and Lenisna and your collaboration with Vaim Global Inc.?

I can see the future going very well. The bio-stimulator
market continues to grow rapidly, and I have leading products
that are vastly superior to our competitors. This year I
will spread my successful experience in Poland to the UK,
one of the advanced aesthetic markets.


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