April 20, 2023
Aesthetic Medicine
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“Great Step-up in 2022”

Recently, the demand for natural beauty through collagen self-regenerative cosmetic products has been getting vast attention from all over the world. In keeping with the rapid growth of the market, Vaim Global made a breakthrough in the cosmetic business by introducing Juvelook and Lenisna, the innovative collagen self-regenerative biostimulators. Biostimulator can provide a wholesome solution to the most prominent skin problems such as skin aging, wrinkles, and even permanent scars‍

In 2022, the revenue of Vaim Global has increased to five times that of the last year thanks to Juvelook, which is the only PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) filler that can be directly injected into the dermis. It is currently being used by more than 1,500 aesthetic facilities in South Korea which have adopted Juvelook as a skin booster in medical aesthetic markets. The secret to its success in the most competitive and conservative market is its ability to satisfy the underlying needs of both users and patients. Based on positive testimonials from their patients, medical professionals were encouraged to recommend Juvelook as a premium skin booster product due to its effectiveness and most importantly, guaranteed safety with minimal side effects. All this was possible because Juvelook was already approved as a medical device, allowing the formation of reasonable pricing for both parties.

The success in Korean market, which has the largest number of cosmetic procedures per capita worldwide, was the signal for Vaim Global to launch overseas business. In less than a year, Vaim Global had completed contracts with 41 countries with Juvelook and Lenisna, meaning 37 more countries have started using them since 2021. This means two things: worldwide recognition, and greater sales growth in 2023. In fact, the increase in the number of countries with official import registration is the motivation for Vaim Global to work more efficiently in the following journey with the partners.

To repay the love from its partners and medical professionals around the world, Vaim Global will always thrive to maintain the best, trustworthy and reliable product. As of this moment, new manufacturing factories are planned to be built in 2023 for a smoother supply chain. From the bottom of its hearts, Vaim Global looks forward to providing excellent experience and values to partners around the world.


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